Auctionator is an integrated auction management and marketing system designed to allow auctioneers to manage their auction businesses and present their stock online for sale.

Each subscribing auctioneer has their own website, which you can see listed below, but also has all of their stock listed on the website. 

When you register with an auctioneer who uses the Auctionator system you create your Auctionator Credentials. These Auctionator Credentials can be used to login to the website of any auctioneer who runs their businesses using Auctionator and also to itself.

So, you can either look at the stock of each auctioneer on their individual sites or you can use to view all of the auction stock listings from all of our auctioneers in the one place.

Our auctioneers are:
Auction Blue Pty Ltd 
Aylward Auctioneers and Valuers Pty Ltd
C and G Auctions Pty Ltd
du Plessis Auction Gallery Pty Ltd
Global Equipment Solutions Pty Ltd
Lloyds Auctioneers and Valuers Pty Ltd