About Us
For Customers

Auctionator is a web system that consolidates the auction stock of all auctioneers who use Auctionator to run their auction businesses. Consolidation of auctioneer stock gives you far greater choices in a much more useful form than if you had to go to each auctioneer’s individual web site.

You can choose to look at individual auctions, auctions from a state or nationally or auctions from a particular auctioneer.

You can search through all of the auction stock of all our auctioneers with a few clicks of a mouse.

Auctionator gives you a single username and password with which to login to the Auctionator web site or to any of the individual auctioneers’ web sites.

With a single login you can bid on and then buy from any auctioneer.

You can make payments online.

On the My Accounts menu item you can keep track of what you are watching, what you have bid on, what you have bought. If you are a seller, what consignments you have with your favourite auctioneer, what you have sold and what money is owed to you. You can also set your preferences about which auctioneers can contact you and how you would like them to do it.

For Auctioneers

Auctionator is an online auction portal and business administration system. It enables independent auctioneers to have a single system to administer their business and present their stock on a website for sale to the public. Each auctioneer has their own website, using their own branding, displaying their own stock. Additionally, their stock is also displayed on the aggregator site www.auctionator.com. This presents a greater range of stock to the consumer than one auctioneer on their own could manage.

A further benefit that the auctioneer gains from using the system is the ability to market their stock to the combined customer databases of all auctioneers using the system. The customers of the auctioneer subscribers are also subscribers to the Auctionator system. This large end customer subscriber base will have the potential to become highly valuable as a target to marketing additional paid services, such as premium memberships.

Auctionator enables the following auction types:

  • Online only,
  • In-room only,
  • In-room with absentee bidding via the internet.
  • In-room with real time internet bidding.

For more information on using Auctionator to run your auction business follow the link below to contact Us.